Improv. in the Snow

Today’s tender mercy was doing some improvisational dancing in the snow with my friend Stephanie White.


I have been having a lot of episodes with my depression lately, and today was no exception. I was crying all morning and afternoon and felt pretty down. 5:00 rolled around and I had to get up the motivation to go to a dance rehearsal. I am rehearsing for one of my friends Senior Project piece. Today we were filming the dance out at an outdoor amphitheater. Turns out all I needed to cheer me up was rolling around in wet grass and leaves (and a bit of deer droppings….I screamed pretty loudly). The filming culminated with doing some improvisational dance in the snow. It was nothing short of invigorating. Thank you to Gio, Stephanie, and my Heavenly Father for knowing exactly what I needed today.

Also, Kendall was so sweet. He did the dishes, made the bed, helped a bit with the laundry, and even helped with making dinner. I love him.




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