Home Depot Healing


The smell of wood and sawdust, paint chemicals in the air, the distant sound of a saw…This my friends is the Healing Power of Home Depot.

Today I ventured into the lovely land of home improvement (I went to Lowes first…then Home Depot). It brought healing to my soul. These stores just feel me with creative thought and excitement of things that could be if only I took the time, money, and energy to construct. EMM I just LOVE IT! I told my mother this, and she said “you must get that from your dad.” And it’s true. I totally do. Some of my favorite memories are going to the hardware store with pops.

I walked away today with 30 5′ PVC pipes. I am starting a my modern dance unit in school on Monday. We are going to be learning the concepts of Space through using props. One of my lucky classes gets to help me create a dance using the PVC pipes. Since the pipes are white, I am taking it a step further and making it a black-light dance. One word: SWEET!

I love my life. I love my dad. I love being creative. I love Home Depot. (My name is Kelli Tingey, and I’m a Mormon…It just feels right to tag that on the end…ha ha).


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