One Year Down…Eternity to Go!

Well, we made it! One year. There were moments where I wasn’t sure how we would pull through, but on our first year anniversary I remember thinking: “being married to Kendall is the best.” And I honestly feel that way everyday.


For our anniversary, Kendall took me into Salt Lake where we ate at the restaurant we ate at on the second day of our marriage before we flew out to Mexico. It is a little place called “Eva’s.” It’s a total hipster joint, and we were definitely the only people at the place not drinking, but it was a lot of fun. Kendall and I ended up talking to two guys next to us from San Francisco and told them a lot about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Their eyes lit up with excitement when we told them that we were Mormon…it’s like they hit the jack pot…they found Mormon’s in SLC. It was an awesome conversation.

We then went to a hotel where we spent a relaxing evening. The next day we went to the outdoor retailer’s expo where we walked away with swag…for our dog.


Speaking of: we have a new addition to the family. Meet Leonardo. He is named after both the painter and Ninja Turtle. He is a HANDFUL, but brings so much happiness into our home.

Everyone has only told me that marriage just keeps getting better. I can say with all of my heart that that is 100% true. I love Kendall Tingey more and more everyday.


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