Answered Prayer

DISCLAIMER: I have discovered that by writing the way I have been feeling in a lot of posts recently, that friends and family are worried. Please know that I don’t write these things to cause anyone to worry or worse, feel sorry for me. I’m not looking for empathy and help…I simply need an outlet to share my story. My hope is that I can help a few of you see that things like “Depression” are OK. You are not alone.

Today has been particularly rough. I have started taking the anti-depressant medication, “Zoloft,” which has left me feeling a bit lifeless and unable to eat. I’m going to stick it out though and see if it doesn’t start to help me feel better in a week or so.

I spent the morning crying and feeling really down on myself. In one of my crying fits, I finally just asked Heavenly Father if he would let one of my sisters or my mom know that I needed help. I’m too embarrassed to ask them myself…because I’m really ok. (To all those reading this…I REALLY AM OK….I’m just on crazy medication.)

Heavenly Father heard my prayers and no sooner than ten minutes later, my sister-in-law Melissa called and said, “How about a girls day!” Melissa, her sister, Bekah, and my mother-in-law are all headed to Provo to have a girls day with me. What a blessing.

As soon as I got off the phone, I felt the terrible dread of having to get myself ready, and then having to appear happy around them.

Blessing #2: A text message then came from Melissa that said: “ONLY GET YOU READY! 🙂 we’re coming to help clean the house and do dishes!”

Heavenly Father really does know who I am, and he knows exactly what I need.

He knows you too…if you give Him a chance, he will bless your life immeasurably.

ps Thank you Tingey gals for being so in-tune with the Spirit. Love you all!