I’ll Never Let Go


With a weekend in Moab and a husband making me dinner I am one lucky gal.

This weekend, Kendall and I went to Moab to visit my sister Lisa. She is living there and working at Dead Horse Point State Park.We stayed at her place (which felt a little bit like sleeping in an ice box) and she showed us the sites. Lisa had a great time being a tour guide and taking lots of pictures of us! She is a great photographer, not to mention the “hostess with the mostess”. She fed us like Kings.

It was a great trip, but I had a little anxiety on the way home. Kendall, however, came to the rescue once again and told me to relax tonight while he makes dinner. Gosh I love him. If it came to it, I’d let Kendall share my raft with me in the middle of the freezing Atlantic…rather than let him sink to the bottom of the ocean. (Just one-up’d ya there Rose).

p.s. He folded my napkin into a heart. (He just said: “That’s right I did.”)